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Gritgo uncovers stories within the challenges of reality and presents novel solutions that produce outstanding results.

스포티 한 여자
Cat on the Balcony
Gritgo Corporation


Successful Partnership

Over the past 25 years, we have reorganized our numerous business and brand strategies to help us stay competitive in ever-changing markets and stay up to date. Read on to learn more about our expertise.

Tangible Product Brand-Analogue Materials
Music and Fashion Magazine, Stationary, Book, Coffee Blend, Design Collection, T-shirts, CD, Cosmetics, Food, Restaurant Kits, Health Food, Cafe, Device Accessary etc.  
도서 더미
Tangible Product Brand(AN)
Tangible Product Brand-Digital Devices
eDictionary, MP3 player, MP4 player, PMP, Navigation, Phone, Bluetooth Speaker, Semiconductor Equipment, etc.
손 장치
Tangible Product Brand(DG)
Intangible Service Brand-Platform and Media
Movie Theatre, Entertainment Portal, Music Broadcasting TV Channel, Music Online Portal, Leisure SKI Resort, Condo, Forest, Country Club Membership, Online Shopping mall, Specialty Coffee Subscription, Plastic Surgery, Media Studio, Educational Learning, Community Platform, IT Subscription, Medical Learning Platform, etc.
녹는 텔레비전
Intangible Service Brand(PFM)
Intangible Service Brand-Exhibition, Show and Event
Consumer Electronics Show, Influential Tech Show, Music Artist Concert, Music Awards Show, International Design Exhibition, International Design Conference, Global Brand Design Seminar, Global AIDS Campaign, International Movie Festival, International Music Festival, Music Showcase, World DJ Festival, Fashion Show, Semicon Show, etc.  
Intangible Service Brand(ESE)
Intangible Contents Brand-Film, Music and Artist Program
Movie, Drama, Music, Web Toon, Reality Show, Contest, Audition Program, Show Program, Artist Branding, Branded Contents, Lifestyle Guide, AD, Campaign Video,  TV SPOT, Scenario, Storytelling, Motion Graphic, Illustration,  Drawing, Picture, Copywriting, Naming etc.
Intangible Contents Brand(FMA)

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