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Campaign Story 

01.Dear my mother

The social campaign by Gritgo aims to establish healthy families in society, starting with small gestures of filial piety, such as remembering the moment and place where one was happiest, and especially honoring the mother who gave birth to oneself. We hope that this movement will become a way for all children with mothers and fathers in this world to express gratitude to their respective families.

We all have a mom and a dad.

We are born, raised, and married to them, and then we become moms and dads ourselves.

Once we have kids, our eyes are on our kids, not our moms and dads.

Then time passes and one day we realize my mom and dad don't have much time left with me.

Six years ago, I got the call in the morning that my dad had suddenly collapsed and was in intensive care, and I had to say goodbye without being able to say one last goodbye with him.

I miss my dad and want to talk to him, but he can't talk to me anymore.

So I started the Dear My Mother Campaign!


I want to make sure that when it's not too late when my mom is as healthy as she can be, I take time for her, remember her life, and reflect on the sacrifices she made to make me who I am today.

This campaign is designed to encourage all sons and daughters who have been running ahead to stop and think about "my mom and dad" and remember them fondly.

If you believe in the cause and want to get involved, here's where you can join the movement.

Here's what I'm planning and doing

 1. Go through your mom and dad's photo albums and find photos of their youth, marriage, pregnancy, motherhood, fatherhood, and grandparenthood.

2. Ask an artist to create a pop art image of them as a portrait.

3. Think about when the image was taken, where you were, and what you were feeling.

4. Reflect on your mom and dad's lifestyle - their favorite foods, brands, and places they loved to go.

5. Find your mom or dad's unique strengths - their artwork, writing, drawings, recipes, books, etc. Make a book out of it or find artwork to document and prepare for display.

6. It could be an exhibition, an event, or the wall of your favorite cafe. Find a place and reveal their work to express your heart.

7. Tell their friends about the event without telling your parents.

8. Invite your parents and family (you've already done steps 1-7).

9. Rejoice with them.

10. Take a picture with them.

11. Document the photos, the event, everything together and make a book.

12. Share the story of the My Mom campaign.

Meeting Program


1.Campaign : “Dear My Mother”project

Women’s Life Stage Drawing Display



2.EXHIBITION :Artwork Presentation - Madagascar Baobob Trees - Sustainable Donation


3.Women’s Life Series - “Topic : My Mother”: Whitebook Presentation


4.Coffee chat with Mom Artists.


Special Guest : Medical Missionary in Madagascar

Attendee: All mothers and families

Time: May 8th, Monday, 11:00AM -3:00PM

Place: Bellevue Library Meeting Room1


Company Info:


Gritgo Corporation was founded in 2021 as a for-profit startup with a mission to serve as a sustainable donation system in society. It was created by a working mom who also happens to be a homemaker, with a husband who worked from home during the pandemic, three kids in online classes, and two cats to care for around the clock.

With more than 20 years of experience in brand marketing, this mom-turned-entrepreneur set her sights on identifying market opportunities that solve users' pain points and improve the quality of their lives. Gritgo is now preparing to launch a service that addresses the unique challenges faced by women in different life stages, such as singlehood, pre-wedding, wedding, pregnancy, and motherhood.

To cater to a global market, Gritgo plans to offer location-based content services that cover a wide range of needs, including education, travel, food, wine, fashion, beauty, interiors, architecture, music, drama, movies, brands, and IT. Additionally, Gritgo will be touring the United States with a series of campaigns and festivals that showcase its users' stories and cultural, artistic, and media projects.

If you're interested in supporting or joining Gritgo on its path to global success, we'd love to meet you!


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